Social Media And Its Effect On Society Essay examples

1109 Words May 2nd, 2016 null Page
From the beginning of time to our days, humans have always lived in social groups. Therefore, there is the tendency to live under the rules of the society we live in. So as time passes by, technology evolves to the advancement of these inventions; starting with the newspaper, radio, television, the Internet, and with these also came an introduction to what we now know as social media. Social media is a way to connect with different people worldwide, share information, news, music, videos, every type of knowledge accessible, as well as the power to even teach classes. It has become a really powerful and important tool in our daily lives. But because there is no such a thing as perfection, it also has its flaws, which are as evident as its benefits. The advancement of social media is constantly changing to keep up with the advancement of technology that is constantly evolving and progressing everyday. Just a hundred years ago, the telephone, trains, cars, boats, planes, and buses were the way of communication and meeting people. Then came the cell phones and the internet, which has now lead to social media uprising and other forms of technology that allows us to speak and see each other without having us physically meet. The evolution of social media has made a drastic change to the way people live their lives. Lives are impacted everyday, for the good and the bad. The way people interact has changed. People were able to function, relax, and had more peace with themselves…

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