Social Medi The Addiction Essay

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Social Media: The Addiction The new generation of young adults lives amidst a fairly new type of technology that is known as The Internet. When first created, a computer would fill up an entire room. As of 2015, a cell phone that fits in the palm of your hand and the pocket of pants can carry more advanced technology that wasn’t even imaginable in years prior. Social media sites are some of the largest sources for following celebrities, friends, and family and also to be linked to the rest of the world easily. Some of the popular sites amongst the youth of today are Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, and my personal favorite, YouTube. Social media is an addictive drug that many teenagers depend on, whether it be helpful or harmful. Facebook was one of the first online social networking that became popular. Some feel as if creating an account is an emotional rite of passage between the critical years of life where popularity is a priority. As a seventh grader, my parents gave me permission to join Facebook. It created a type of “high” that was fueled by being able to be connected to fellow classmates. This site allows you to post statuses of “what’s happening” and where you are while also posting pictures to validate these statements. Judgement is then allowed while the people you have “friended” can choose to like or comment. Negative comments are made all the time and although these comments are created by bullies hiding behind computer screens they are very harmful to…

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