Social Justice In 'The Spirit Catches You And You Fall Down'

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Social Justice And Health
Reading Tracy Kidder’s, Mountains beyond Mountains, and Anne Fadiman’s, The Spirit Catches you and you Fall Down, gives a special meaning to health justice, it is a right for all humans to have access to good health care, as it is intrinsic to a high quality of life. The disparity of health care within countries of lower socio-economic status is decreasing, but access to formidable care is unfortunately not improving. Suitable access to good health is a basic human right, it ensures personal growth as well as economic prosperity for the entire population. To thin the gap in health inequality, a different approach has to be taken, one with a view of social justice in mind and able to build an effective institution to
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They are related because people who cannot afford it are denied access to it, and a lack of health-care facilities and professionals is often related to an inability to finance their costs (“Health Care”). This is a problem with the current system, access to health care is a direct line with how much a person is worth, a cost that should never have a dollar value. In contrast, instead of viewing how much medical care would cost as an ability to pay, but rather view how the cost can be distributed on the basis of medical need. An accident can stop access to health care or be a cause of financial ruin, this is another interpretation of not having access to good healthcare because of cost (Ruger). Jennifer Prah Ruger is an Associate Professor of Medical Ethics and Health Policy, in her paper on Health and Social Justice, she says, “The costs of health-related goods and services directly affect health by reducing the demand for necessary health care or by increasing consumption of unnecessary care. Leaving people vulnerable to economic barriers therefore would fail to reduce deprivations in health” (Ruger). This means the current high price for health reduces the demand for needed care, and increases the demand for unwanted care. High prices can be distributed via a progressive system to drop prices and evenly pass the …show more content…
This framework would lead towards the right direction, but further research would need to done to find out exactly what is unfair and unjust in the current system. Jennifer Prah Ruger has a philosophical, economic and political interpretation of health justice, to make a persuasive case that all societies can build effective institutions and systems to achieve health capabilities (Ruger). The WHO Commission on the Social Determinants of Health stated the social conditions in which people are born, live and work are the single most important determinants of good health or ill health, of a long and productive life, or a short and miserable one (“Closing The Gap”). Prioritizing health justice and equality are difficult, but demanding action and viewing how the current institutions lack the capability helping all populations will hopefully assist in understanding the world needs health and social

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