Essay On Equitable Access To Health

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The inequity in accessing health services for indigenous people

Accessing health care services means that individuals or groups have the ability to obtain services they seek, and it is known to be an important determinant of health. The access to health care in Canada is universal to all citizens under the Health Care Act and it is known to be one of the best health care systems in the world. The access is theorized on “the strong social value of equality, defined as the distribution of services to those in need for the common good and health of all residents” (Browne,1998). Equitable access does not mean that everyone will receive the same number of services but rather the just and fair distribution of resources, where the provided
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Also, the nature quality and appropriateness of health services should also be considered. “Urban service delivery models (for example, rigid delineated job responsibilities between physicians and nurses) do not work well in rural and remote locales” Halseth and Ryser (2006-2007). One of the reasons that can affect the quality of health services is whether that service is timely or not. One of the most significant barriers that effects access are lack of health professionals, long waiting lists and inhabitation of early diagnosis of disease and illness. Naturally, if a patient feels that he/she is not able to access medical services regularly, he/she will be less likely to seek help when they have symptoms. That means that diseases which can be deducted and treated early is found late which may lead to impossible recovery. It is reported that Aboriginal people are more likely to be diagnosed at a later stages of disease compared to non-Aboriginal people, which contributes to higher rates of mortality (Morrisseau, K.,2009). These rates are related to the poor excess to treatment and screening services. Not only that but also the lack of awareness for early prevention and

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