Social Inequality : Race And Gender Essay

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Race and Gender
1 a.) As defined by sociology, a minority group is one that is singled out and treated as lesser people, and given less say and resources than those who are of a higher station in society ((Ed.), (n.d)). Different ‘classes’ in society happen because it defines who will be the one who serves those at the top and those who will be served. Although the separation of each class gives a clearer definition of who humans are in society, we should not allow that to stop us from striving to move up the stratification ladder. The poor in the U.S. begin at the doorstep of the single minority mothers and single White mothers, who comprise the bottom thirty percent of the population (Meyer, 2014). Black women have an added layer of minority status than the White woman in today’s society, already being members of a minority group to start. Women in general are minorities in various areas such as employment, education, and government support and are overlooked when it comes to being ‘allowed’ into certain jobs, neighborhoods, colleges and universities. Women are, in general paid less for additional work, long hours and with less benefits. The working conditions for women are less stable than those of a man in the same position. The wages that Black women work for are even lower than that of their White contemporaries and the circumstances are even worse for them. Women earn roughly 77 cents for every dollar that a man earns and a Black woman…

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