Social Entrepreneurship: The Social Impact Of Social Entrepreneurship

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One of the other aspects that we learned in this course is regarding the social impact that results from the social entrepreneurship. We learned about many B-corp companies that committed to change the world, such as One World Play Project, which makes, sells and distribute indestructible ball in the third world countries, focusing on bringing the power of play to the children who live in a harsh environment. Australian Ethical, an investment company, which only invest people’s funds in industries that give positive impacts to the world, such as medicine, healthcare, energy saving and efficient transportation, or Alter Eco, a chocolate producer who provides better benefits for the cacao and rice farmers worldwide. Having a better understanding on what the sustainable companies and B-corp companies do is really inspiring and it challenge me to contribute more towards the society. Most of the social entrepreneurship companies do not gain big in terms of financial profits, but more significant is the societal impact of the organization, and evaluation of the success of …show more content…
To overcome this problem, I see a potential of starting a self-service laundry, where while giving service to other people, there will be a special service for the needy ones, for free. Self-service laundry is becoming more popular in my country, especially when the weather is not permissible, as Malaysia is having tropical rainforest climate, and it can be raining all year long. While it is impossible to provide daily clothes for the underprivileged people, it is better to provide them opportunity to clean their clothes and take care of their hygiene. In another aspect, being clean and tidy, they will be more confident to meet other people, thus making efforts to improve their life. Homeless people, worship places, students and orphanages are the target group for these community

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