Social Issues In Nursing Case Study

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1. Income and income distribution:
Ayan had to work two minimum wage jobs to provide for her 2 daughters in addition, to sending monthly cash sums to her husband and sons stuck in Africa. Her monthly earnings weren't sufficient enough to pay off all the essential needs for her daughters and family in Africa like housing, dental care, health expenses and eventually food. In effect, lower income creates social issues that directly influence one's mental and physical state. Ayan was stressed because she wasn't making enough income to at first, pay off monthly dental expenses for Nasrah's braces and get Leila needed braces. Bad teeth can provoke self-esteem issues that can impede the girls from having a good image about themselves. Later, Ayan
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Health encompasses a wide range of aspects and not merely physical health, according to WHO (2011), they define "health as a state of physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity" (Lewis et al., 2014, p.70). Therefore, the first reason why the social determinants of health should be addressed is because if a nurse tackles one's social determinants of health, they can prevent disease. This being said, if a nurse identifies a patient's specific social needs and determines for instance, the patient lives in an unsafe physical environment, tackling or teaching around that social need can prevent certain diseases or injuries from happening that led the patient to come to the hospital in the first place. "At certain levels of exposure, contaminants in our air, water, food, and soil can cause a variety of adverse health effects, including cancer, birth defects, respiratory illness, and gastrointestinal ailments" (Lewis et al., 2014, p. 72), which puts individuals living poorer conditions more at risk for these things in comparison to individuals living in normal and controlled …show more content…
Haboon, a family member, states to Nasrah "you have to be your mother's helper". Nasrah had many opportunities to leave her family's situation, but instead she stays and helps her mother through these difficult times. Nasrah's second strength is that she's honest. Instead of going behind her mother's back, for the most part, she tells her the truth. When her mom yelled at her about the cellphone she found in the motel, Nasrah could have lied and said she bought it, but instead, she told that truth, which saved her from getting into trouble. Nasrah's third strength reflects how she uses her talents as a positive coping mechanism to deal with her family's situation, instead of adopting bad behaviors prevalent in her social environment like doing drugs, drinking alcohol and engaging in illegal. She used her talent of singing as a way to release her inner struggles instead of bottling it all in. In addition, Nasrah is very bright, she received an A at the beginning of the movie, proving that despite her family's financial struggles, she still manages to use her talents to bring forward a potential brighter future for

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