Examples Of Nmc Code In Nursing

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Activity 1A

Identify 3 issues mentioned in the Code and discuss how you will adhere to them when you are a registered nurse.

Issue No. 1 Ensure you gain consent

“You must ensure that you gain consent before you begin any treatment or care” NMC Code (2008). For me, this is the most important in my work as a nurse because everything that we do in the hospital revolves around our patient care. A patient has the right to know and refuse any care that we are planning to provide to them. So it doesn’t matter what the procedure is, may it be vital signs taking to having major surgeries, it is very important that the patient knows, understands and has given their permission may it be verbal or written. Prior a patients surgery, I make sure that
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I believe that we must treat our patients fairly and it is not okay to prefer one patient more than the other. Accepting gifts, favours or any kind of hospitality from our patients may show them that we prefer them more than the other patients. This might cause problems because the patient may think that just in case he needs something from the hospital, he might think that he can just go to us and ask a favour. This not only endangers our work as a nurse, but it shows preferential treatment and is unfair. Accepting gifts causes a conflict of interest where the patients may think that gifts is equal to better patient care. When money is being given to me by a patient, no matter how small the amount is, I always think, “Is this gift being given to me as a way of saying ‘thank you’ or is it being given to me so that I can give him more favours?” But either way, I always tell the patients that a simple ‘Thank you’ card for the whole ward is already a great way of showing to us that we are …show more content…
This code is very important because, not only does it protect the patient but also the nurse. Even as an ONP nurse, we are given the privilege to write our nurse’s notes and I take this responsibility very seriously. I make sure that I write all the procedures, care and medications given to the patient and put the time, my name and signature and why it was done or given. I also make sure to document if a patient refuses treatment or medications, and was able to explain to them why it was important to be done. “Good record keeping is an integral part of nursing and midwifery practice, and is essential to the provision of safe and effective care.” (NMC 2009) Accurate record keeping not only protects the patient but also helps all of the members of the health team because everyone would be able to know what is already happening and would prevent unnecessary and unwanted

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