Social Conflict Theory : Substance Abuse Essay

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Beginning from the perspective of social conflict theory, substance abuse is largely a drawback of fundamental discrimination and group disagreement. Despite the fact that substance abuse is commonly ubiquitous in society, social conflict theory reasons that minorities, the subordinate class and other downgraded factions are further to be expected to disproportionally endure undesirable effects as a consequence of substance abuse.
Conflict theory refers to a set of social theories, for the most part of which hold origins in the handiworks of Karl Marx. Conflict theory suggests a form of society where assorted sets of people follow their interests individualistically or in contradiction of the benefits of other sets. These groups contend for supplies and control, and over a period of time, specific sets arise to control others. The social order began by these overriding groups then emanates to limit minority groups. One technique that assertive groups do this, is over management of the law and the legal procedure to strengthen the present circumstances.
Drugs have existed from place to place over a period of time. A drug is thought to be any biological chemical, that yields a beneficial or non-beneficial outcome within an individual’s body. To start with, for the most part drugs were at first consumed for healing functions, for an illustration the utilization of Marijuana. Yet, dynamic ingredients were not combined into drugs up until the nineteenth century. Recently…

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