Sociological Perspective Reflection Paper

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This paper will discuss one of the three main sociological perspectives, conflict theory. The other two main sociological perspectives would be functionalist and symbolic interaction but will not be talked about in this paper. Also this paper will include the history, concepts, main points, examples and my own personal reflection. Conflict theory is a very important sociological perspective because it includes many important aspects in our lives that will be discussed throughout this paper.
According to Jörg Rössel from Oxford Bibliographies he says that conflict theory is “assumes that societies exhibit structural power divisions and resource inequalities leading to conflicting interests.” Which in my own opinion is completely true, conflict
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The rich is taking over because the lower class do not have the rescources they have that are handed to them. Such as voting, the poor cant vote for many reasons such as not having transportation to get there, not having a licence at all, and especially not even being able to acess a computer to vote. These examples make it extremly difficult for the “have nots” to be involved in our voting system, which is unfair because they are a majority of our population as …show more content…
In my opinion we should all be helping one another and trying to make the world a better place for eachother. We are not working hormonusly, because if we were, we would be helping the poor get transportation to the voting booths and give them access to computers to vote. Everyone shpuld work together so we don’t have such a wide gap between one another. When I say wide gap I mean the huge economic gap we have between the rich and the poor and how there is barely even a middle class anymore. To me that is frighting, we should be able to find jobs for one another and give more jobs out or make more work. I feel this quote from Karl Marx is very important “In other words, workers unwittingly reproduce the power that rules over them” (Holmes et al, 2007, pg 37). Which in my words would be that the lower social class are the ones that are working hard to make the upper class look better, which is unfair. It is unfair because why should the lower and middle class work so hard to just make the rich look better. Which leads us to another discussion, is there even a middle class anymore? Who is the middle class? Well according to the website daily kos they say “How can their be a middle when 80% of Americans are poor or will be poor at some point in the future.” (Ministryoftruth). So if 80% of America is poor there must be no

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