Essay about Social Anxiety And Depression On Depression

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Social Anxiety and Depression Need to work on this paragraph Many (how many??) Americans today suffer from either Social Anxiety Disorder and/or Depression. In general, people who suffer with either one of these disorders actually have both, as Social Anxiety and Depression are actually linked together. Chances are if someone has Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) or social phobia they will develop Depression. A person suffering with Depression cannot develop Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD). Why?
Social Anxiety Disorder is a mental issue that impacts how a person will act in certain social situations. SAD can run in families, but there is not one known cause as to why someone people have SAD and others do not. People suffering from social phobia tend to dread being in social groups, along with a strong distain for public speaking, and most of the time over analyze every social situation they are involved in. An individual dealing with Social Anxiety Disorder will have a tendency to shut people out, and get stuck in their minds about every possible thing that could go wrong will go wrong, even if it is not possible. Things that can trigger SAD are; speaking in front of an audience and socializing with people, especially people they just met. Someone with Social Anxiety Disorder is more likely to feel extremely anxious at the thought of going to social events. Most of time when someone with SAD is invited to a party or any social event for that matter, they will make sure to…

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