Discuss The Impact Of Immigration On The US Economy

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The United States’ economy is world’s largest national economy. Economist researcher found that the U.S. economy increases due to the immigrants (Immigration 2009). Immigrant are the people who come to live permanently in a new country due to physical, social, and economic conditions people immigrant to new countries. In the United States of America immigrant can come legally or illegally because people think the United States of America is the best place to immigrate. According to the Becky Akers and Donald J. Boudreaux immigrant workers are more efficient and productive and do help increases U.S. economy (1). Therefore, immigrant have positive work effects and that immigration helps to increases the U.S. economy. Firstly, the U.S economy benefits from immigrant is increasing wages. Immigrants and their family play significant role in the U.S. economy because they immigrate with different skills. …show more content…
economy by increase in different skilled workers. In the United States, people immigrate legally and illegally. Both types of immigrant help to increases the U.S economy. Most economic benefits are from illegal workers (immigration 3). Therefore, illegal people play significant contribution to growth of the U.S economy because most company need workers only for 2-3 month. Illegal people do not have document and they works at any wages. In 2000 to 2007, more than five percent of the total civilian labor force increased because the civilian labor force helped to hire immigrant people and gave to different companies as temporary workers (illegal 3). Immigrant people are not all fool some of them are doctors, engineers, and teachers. However, they are illegal and they do not have legal document to work legally. For those people some company hire them as temporary workers and pay them very low wages. That means company gain more profit. Therefore, educated illegal workers help to increase the U.S.

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