Snoring : A Theory That People Essay

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A theory that people always says are you only snoring when you’re really tired and had a long day. I never really liked sharing with people when I go places, or when they spend a night at my house. One thing I hate is the sound of people snoring when they are sleeping. I could never get used to it because it’s so annoying. I can be trying to sleep and I can’t because they are snoring. When I can’t sleep and I’m tired I get grumpy, because I value my sleep very much.
When I share rooms with people when we go places like hotels and there’s no way, to escape the sound. I get mad and either wake them up or throw something at them like a balled up sock or a shoe, or I turn up the TV to drown out the sound, but then I’ll get mad because the TV will be too loud for me to do so.
I remember having to share rooms with my sister most of my childhood years up until now. Every time she would go to sleep before me, I would hate it because she snores so loud. One day my aunt spent the night at my house and she slept in the room with me and my sister, I was so annoyed that night they had both snored to the point to the point I could barely go to sleep because both of them together was loud.
Most of the time I try to go to sleep way before she do, so I wouldn’t have to hear it, but my sister goes to sleep way earlier than I do, so most of the time I just had to sit through until I finally get tired enough to go to sleep with the noise.
Snoring is something that I can and never…

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