Snooze In Non-REM Sleep

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Given the thought of Middle Tennessee State University’s final exams are right around five weeks creates a large number of students anxious. Students cram their studies, pressure increases, and sleep diminishes. According to Brown University, “In a 2001 study, only 11% of college students have good quality sleep, and 73% have occasional sleep problems.” This means almost three-fourths of college students have sleeping problems such as insomnia. However, sleep tremendously affects the human body mentally and physically. When sleeping, the human body feels refreshed since the brain works less and relaxes the muscles. Nevertheless, they will still be sleep deprived, but it can lead to fatigue, irritability, and memory problems (Bernstein 147). …show more content…
According to Bernstein, the author of “Essentials of Psychology”, Non-REM sleep helps restore the body and brain for future activities and REM sleep helps keep us alert (142). It’s better for a college student to snooze in REM sleep considering it will create their awareness level high in a classroom. An example would be a baby for the reason they sleep greater in REM sleep since their brains are still developing. On the other hand, college students sleep in Non-REM sleep where they merely sleep for about four to six hours a day. When they fall asleep, they continuously wake up and shift positions for numerous of …show more content…
Insomnia forms from routines such as late night cramming and using an electronic device late at night. A solution to insomnia similar to my friend Daniel was sleeping pills. On the contrary, he also remarked on how it did not work. Sleeping pills affect the REM sleep by distressing it and making the human body more restless.
Although it sounds tough to get extra sleep, it’s doable. Being a full-time college student and full-time employee on top of extracurricular activities and job shadowing a doctor myself, it’s tremendously hard to find time to study. In return, I used to stay awake until three o’clock in the morning to study.
What college students can achieve is to prepare their classes that has a 20 minute break. As soon as class is over, place the key terms from the lecture into the Quizlet app on their phone while reading the notes they have taken. Then, study off of it when waiting for their next class. Third, specifically assemble time for the subject they have trouble with. When an assignment is due the next week, prepare it the week before or have an idea about it that way they won’t

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