Smoking Cigarettes Is The Most Deadly Substance Essay

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Jha, Phil, and Peto (2014) reports that “there were about 100 million deaths from tobacco in the 20th century . . . if current smoking patterns persist, tobacco will kill about 1 billion people this century, mostly in low- and middle-income countries (p. 60).” One might argue that every individual who smokes cigarettes does not develop health problems because smokers limit how many cigarettes they smoke. Smoking one cigarette can still cause the same affects. “More Americans die every year from smoking related diseases than from AIDS, car accidents, murders, suicides, and fires combined” (Clinton, 2001, para. 11). Smoking cigarettes is the most deadly substance that an individual can put into their body. Any time that an individual smokes a cigarette they are affecting their health in many different ways, and are more likely to experience health issues than non-smokers. An individual that does not smoke decreases their chances of developing health problems tremendously. Individuals that smoke cigarettes will develop serious health problems such as complications with pregnancy, heart disease, and lung cancer.
If a mother is going to smoke while pregnant it is important to know what type of complications during pregnancy that the mother and unborn child will face. Women who smoke cigarettes while pregnant will develop serious pregnancy complications. Moreover, expectant mothers that smoke while pregnant expose their unborn child to numerous dangerous chemicals and…

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