The Negative Effects Of Cigarettes

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Cigarettes consist of many harmful chemicals. One of those chemicals is Nicotine which is a highly toxic substance that causes many respiratory diseases like respiratory muscle paralysis, it also negatively affects the central nervous system. Nevertheless, scientific researches proved that the concentration of Nicotine in cigarettes increased by 16% in the time period between 1998 and 2004 according to the Massachusetts department of public health. Since Nicotine is an addictive substance, this sudden increase in its concentration made quitting smoking much harder on the 70% of smokers who want to quit smoking, according to Cornyn Houston the vice president of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention -aka CDC-. Contrary to the …show more content…
Also some people may wonder, is smoking only harms those who smoke? Or it goes beyond that and harms the others too? To answer this question, we need to know more about second-hand smoke. Second-hand smoke is a term used to refer to those who do not smoke but are exposed to the harmful gases and substances that are produced by cigarettes that are being smoked by a nearby smoker. As previously mentioned, cigarettes contain more than 7000 chemicals, most of them are released in the form of toxic gases which are seriously harmful to human health. These gases are not only existed in the smoke that is being inhaled by the smoker, but also they are existed in the smoke that comes during the exhalation process of the smoker. This smoke will spread out in the air, finding its way to others respiratory ducts causing what is called passive smoking. Moreover, cigarettes smoke known for its ability to remain hanging in the air of indoor environments for relatively long periods, which makes other people in these environments victims to this fatal habit. scientists classified the damages caused by passive smoking into two main types. The first type consists of the instantaneous symptoms, such as burning eyes, coughing, nausea, dizziness and sometimes burning throat. The second type is the diseases that are caused by the prolonged exposure to the passive smoke, such as asthma, which the probability of getting it doubles five times when living around someone who smokes constantly. Also, heart diseases are considered to be part of this type; where second-hand smoke causes blood coagulation, which damages heart functions. Besides that, researchers at Cincinnati children’s hospital in Ohio confirmed that children’s exposure to cigarette smoke may affect their mental health and abilities. Also, statistics have proven that non-smokers employees, who works

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