Small Tim And The M Ethical Issues Essay examples

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Tiny Tim and The Man: Ethical issues in reimbursement I will be focusing on the reimbursement challenges that we will be facing when we enter the profession. I will also be addressing the ethical issues that will most likely go hand in hand with them. An ethical practice is a sound business. Although an ethics choice made the wrong way can produced short term positive effects and gains, it can change very quickly into a long time loss, both monetarily and professionally. Ethical practices and individuals prosper more in the long run by earning respect and trust of consumers as well as other businesses, gaining more in the end. Fairley opens his article, Where ethics and economics meet, with "The path to modern orthotic and prosthetic care is fraught with reimbursement challenges, patient request for specific products and referral pressures.". I believe three issues are at the top of the list when it comes to reimbursement issues in the industry. Errors in electronic medical records (EMRs) can cause reimbursement nightmares or intentional fraudulent acts. Ethical issues can also arise when it comes to who will be chosen to be helped and how far you are willing to go to do it. Very limited trials and peer reviewed research papers from the prosthetic and orthotic community lead to technology reinforcement issues and available coverage. "Electronic medical records pose a potential pitfall. In generating prescriptions, records often include healthcare common procedure…

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