Essay on Sleep Deprivation On College Students

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Sleep Deprivation in College Students Many college students have experienced sleep deprivation and are unaware of it. Several studies have found that the amount of sleep one receives can affect their academic achievements as well as their mental health. There are numerus consequences from sleep deprivation that may make students rethink their sleeping habits. Author Yugantara concluded that, “Sleep disturbances were present in majority of college students with day time sleepiness as its commonest manifestation.” It is important student are aware of what sleep deprivation is, symptoms of it, why college students specifically are affected by it, and possible solutions for it. Sleep deprivation can be a fairly serious occurrence, especially in people who participate in many activities that require major physical and mental engagements. In compendious, sleep deprivation occurs in individuals who do not acquire the proper amount of sleep they need. Hengyi Rao states, “When comparing the brain of someone who is sleep-deprived to the brain of someone who has slept normally, scientists have found reduced metabolism and blood flow in multiple brain regions. Reductions in blood flow and metabolism are linked to impaired cognitive function and behavior.” In addition to a reduced metabolism and blood flow to sleep deprived individuals, scientists have found other side effects as well. An article written by ASA Advisory Board explained the side effects of…

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