Sleep Deprivation During The United States Essay

1585 Words Mar 28th, 2016 7 Pages
Sleep deprivation. A continually growing issue in the United States. People often more times than not, do not get enough sleep in the 24 hour span of the day. Not getting enough sleep in each day causes issues and affects a human’s life significantly. Sleep deprivation effects people to function at a slower level, both physically and mentally. By performing routine, everyday activities, sleep deprivation does not allow people to perform at a high level of awareness. People in the work place are not aware of many situations that they would be if they did not have sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation affects people’s lives, on the way they act, are aware, and produce. Sleep deprivation is not shown to be a big enough problem to most people. It is not like cancer where there world-wide known organizations about the issue. More people in this world have sleep deprivation than people do with any other disease or issue. This needs to be addressed at a national and global level. Sleep deprivation shorten lives, creates stress, and depression. Fortunately, there are solutions to fix this ever so growing issue. This lack of sleep starts at a young age, usually during the mid to late teen years, and throughout the 20’s. Work High school students and college students struggle to find an appropriate amount of rest with their filled schedules. High school teachers and college professors need to be aware of the busy schedules that those young American’s live in. They need to realize the…

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