Sleep Deprivation And Health Essay

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Sleep Deprivation and health

We all live for sleep, but is not getting enough sleep slowly killing us? Fifty to Seventy million Americans suffer from some type of sleeping disorder. (“Sleep”). Sleep deprivation is common, but who really knows the truth? What is sleep deprivation? Sleep deprivation is the condition that occurs when one does not get enough sleep. Sleep deprivation can lead to many different diseases and even a shortened life. Sleep deprivation can be addressed and fixed by avoiding distractions and things that keep one awake and adapting new habits during the day, but it also affects a persons health physically and mentally through different phases during the night. There are many different effects on the body that
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Not getting enough sleep can affect peoples weight in a negative way. When people stay up later at night they have more opportunities to grab a snack, and that is fine but, it also slows down ones metabolism which makes one hungrier, but at the same time it is harder to digest what has been eaten. (“Dangers”). might also feel tired from not getting the sleep that most people need and they become less likely to go exercise to burn off the calories that they ate. Too little sleep can affect metabolism which causes one to store more fat in one’s body, leading to obesity, which is when one is unusually fat or overweight. Insulin regulates glucose and promotes fat storage and when people get less sleep they have a great risk of getting diabetes, the disease that the body is unable to produce insulin which causes elevated glucose levels in the blood. During sleep our bodies produce hormones that control appetite, glucose, and energy metabolism which can be thrown off when you are sleep deprived. Often people do not think about the factors that come with long term sleep loss, which leads to a shorter life from chronic medical conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes and heart diseases. …show more content…
A number of studies prove that after loosing sleep ones hand-eye coordination and reaction time can be as weak as one that has been intoxicated. (“Dangers”). Some factors that come from a bad night of sleep are fatigue, drowsiness or dizziness, bad moods, and lack of focus during the day. (“Sleep”). In long term sleep deprivation psychological disturbances can occur causing mood swings and depression, feelings of despair and hopeless ness over a long period of time. (Breus). It can also cause dangerous micro sleeps, micro sleeps are the little naps or head nods that last only a few seconds during the day, they often happen when doing activities after not getting enough sleep at night. Micro sleeps can happen while driving and they can be very dangerous to the driver and to others around

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