Sleep Deprivation And Its Effects Essay examples

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Sleep deprivation had finally begun to chafe away at her patience. During breakfast--two uninspiring platefuls of scrambled eggs and half-burnt bacon that she had managed to slop down on the table after coming an inch from falling asleep with her face in the frying pan--she had snapped at Rowe, her sharpness almost entirely unprovoked. He 'd only suggested, in his clumsy, jokey way, that she ought to just cut the schmaltzy foreplay, save herself a lot of wasted time and emotion, and hop right into Muggo 's drawers if that 's what she was after.

Right, just go at it like a couple of unmarried, heathen rabbits. She had looked up at Rowe over a forkful of eggs, the air between them seemed to be cast in a sparkling fog of exhaustion and her face was empty of color, dry as a sun-bleached bone. "As much as I would love to piss in the face of courtship and fuck Muggo 's brains out... Consent is really fucking important Rowe," she had told him bluntly. She knew he hadn 't meant it like that, and he had taken her jab in good stride, even pecking a brief kiss on her cheek after he had finished breakfast. Maybe it was because he could tell how tired she was. She had never been overly excitable or lively, but in the last few days her face had lost its placid calm, her robust alertness replaced by a frozen, glassy expression. It was easy to see that fatigue was taking its toll on her, but was he aware of what she had done last night, and the nights before?

After restlessly staring up…

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