Sleep, By Thomas Dekker Essay

1408 Words Jun 10th, 2015 6 Pages
Thomas Dekker once said “Sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.” Dreams we have while sleeping, while not actually being real, are definitely a part of our everyday lives and have a great effect on how we go about our day. Sleeping is an infinitely complex activity behind which we still don’t entirely understand the process or the purpose behind it. Sleep is extremely important to a person’s well-being which is why an understanding of it is crucial to success in certain aspects of life. Comprehension of the process and purpose of sleep, dreams, and other phenomenon associated with it can aid a person in getting more restful and enjoyable sleep. It can also uncover what sleep schedule works best for certain people so they can be the most successful in anything and everything they do. Our lives have a huge impact on our dreams just as our sleep has a large impact on our life. Unconscious sleep and our conscience lives will always be interconnected physically, mentally, and emotionally. Sleep, as previously stated, is extremely important to one’s health. While many see sleep as a waste of time or not that useful, sleep actually keeps a person healthy and rested, allowing them to function at maximum potential. That is why, before getting into detail about sleeping phenomenon or even dreams in general, we must have a basic understanding of the process of sleep. The sleep cycle is usually divided into 4 separate parts, with each part lasting about…

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