Slaughterhouse-Five Analysis

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Slaughterhouse Five explains a story that was completely over its’ time; Kurt Vonnegut, the author, shares a life story about a character name Billy who is struggling his way back to “normal”. Billy experienced a traumatic beat in his life at war. War has been happening for centuries. What was ahead of his time? The syndrome Billy was having to deal with, is currently discovered and is named, PTSD; Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, it was open to the public in the 20th century. Throughout the book, the story carries explanations of billy’s craziness and an outlook on how people viewed him as well. Billy Pilgrim was sent home after an accusation by Howard Campbell. Howard was a United States citizen that turned into a nazi. Because of Billy’s transitions when he thinks; he thinks from the past to the future or stays in the past, Howard thought he was just an incapable citizen. When Billy entered his house, his family knew straight off the back why he was home early and his daughter stated,”daddy, not again.” Billy was called crazy because he caused a lot of drama, confusion and unnecessary input such as; traformaldors appear in the …show more content…
Because there is a reason for everything, every thought someone has comes from somewhere, and no one tried to discover or learn why Billy was acting abnormal compared to the rest of his town. Whether or not people knew about PTSD, they should have had the respect to leave it alone and take in consideration for another human being especially after Billy’s experiences at war. In war, Billy was only out of high school, he experienced death everywhere and he was captured by nazi’s into a slaughterhouse. Over time when he left, he was afraid another war was going to happen. Billy having PTSD shaped his life a lot differently than others but now in this age of time, a lot of people are dealing with this disorder. Billy for the rest of his life viewed his life

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