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Skills Development
The wide variety of mediums and structures I have displayed in each of my pieces has allowed me to develop new skills as well as hone skills I already had. The stress on basic performance strengths means that I have had the opportunity to really perfect them to a high standard while more unique styles of performance enabled me to learn new skills and incorporate them effectively where they are required.
In reference to specific techniques I employed, choral speaking and synchronised gestures were a large part of my second piece as that was a spoken word poem adapted in certain ways to make it more suitable for the stage. An integral part of these techniques is refining our timing so we could say and move at the same time when we needed to while simultaneously keeping generally to the tune that we had playing on the piano so this was something I improved a lot. This piece was similar to a previous one I’ve done before style-wise so I understood from feedback how I could improve my performance. One of the unique points about this piece is the lack of eye contact between us yet the connection between our words and synchronisation is perfectly in unison. This interaction helps to portray us as a united front and makes our words have a lot more impact.
My first piece was another non-naturalistic one, structured heavily with physical theatre as it was a chair duet with two pairs. The sepulchral nature of this piece had underlying themes of fear and something…

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