Situational Approach, By Hersey And Blanchard Essay example

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Situational approach, which was developed by Hersey and Blanchard, is one of the more widely recognized approaches to leadership. Situational approach suggests that it is necessary for a leader to adapt his or her leadership style to the demands of different situations in order to be an effective leader. It also stresses that leadership is composed of both a directive and supportive dimensions. According to the situational approach, effective leaders are those who can recognize what employees need and then adapt their own style to meet those needs. In this case study (case 5.1), Bruce, who is the owner of a small plastics company, faces a decision where he needs to find the most appropriate ways to approach each of his three managers, Rick, Beth, and Steve, regarding long term performance as well as overall company goals. Each manager has his/her own need that has to be recognized by Bruce. According to situational approach to leadership, Bruce should try to adapt his own leadership style to meet the individual needs of the three different managers. In this paper, I will attempt to analyze the ways in which Bruce can become an efficient leader by using a situational approach to leadership. Based on the assumption that employees’ skills and motivation vary over time, situational leadership suggests that leaders should change the degree to which they are directive or supportive to meet the changing needs of their subordinates. A model called the Situational Leadership II…

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