Situational, And Symbolic Archetypes In Literature And Movies

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An archetype is an example of a certain person or thing that can appear in literature and movies, they often represent a common pattern with every story. Archetypes can be broken down into three main groups or types, character, situational, and symbolic archetypes. Situational archetypes are situations that appear over and over in movies, literature and stories of all kinds. One example of this would be the unhealable wound, the wound, either physical or psychological, cannot be fully healed, the characters will always feel the pain of the wound. A great example of this in Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring is when Frodo is stabbed by the Ringwraiths, the bleeding may stop but his wound will never heal. Frodo may also feel more …show more content…
Most people could not have endured as much pain and suffering as Frodo had to in the short journey they went on throughout the film. Frodo was strong, but that didn’t mean he could forget about everything that happened to him. He would never be able to forget about the moment that he was laying on the ground and watched the dagger come toward him, he almost died and it’s not easy to forget about that, no matter how strong Frodo might have been. Whenever Frodo felt the physical pain of his wound, he would also suffer severe mental pain. Although the stab wound was not the only psychological wound he would not be able to heal. He had to witness Gandalf, one of the greatest mentors he ever had, fall off a cliff and die. Frodo was never given the chance to grieve because they had to continue their journey to destroy the ring, as they were being followed by the Ringwraiths. Aside from all of this, Frodo was still in possession of the ring, and that was a wound in itself. The ring was a burden that Frodo would have to carry with him for a long, long time. This burden Frodo was carrying was such that not many people could do, the pain and suffering it caused him was more than most people could handle, especially with everything else Frodo had gone through on their journey. Frodo may not a been as physically strong as the rest of The Fellowship, but he was much stronger mentally than anyone could have

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