Sister Callista Roy Adaptation Analysis

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Introduction Born in 1939 in Los Angeles California, Sister Callista Roy has risen to become one of the most well-known nursing theorists of the modern world. With her vast knowledge of nursing, Sister Callista Roy developed the adaptation model of nursing, which has continuously evolved to become an important part of the nursing profession. The Roy adaptation model of nursing views the person as a group of systems that work together and relate constantly with internal and external environments for the good of the individual. This model further explains that as an individual interacts with different types of environments, he or she begins to adapt in a way that is beneficial to him or her. When individuals have successfully adapted, they are likely to live a better life, with better physical and emotional health and in line with their individual needs. With this in mind, the adaptive model of nursing by Sister Roy Callista indicates that nursing professionals have to world to ensure that the adaptation process is successful and that the quality of life is enhanced as much as possible. The Roy adaptation model explains the human responses to situations in terms of adaptation or coping. Adaptive responses help the person achieve their objectives …show more content…
Under the adaptation model of nursing, nursing is a profession whose focus is on people and the processes that they have to undergo in order to survive. Further, the theory indicates that persons in the nursing profession have to focus on promoting individual, family, group and communal health for the greater good of the society. Additionally, this model suggests that nursing professionals have to focus on enhancing the adaptation process such that people live a healthy and quality life. Moreover, the model also mentions the important role that nursing professionals must play in ensuring that people die with the dignity they

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