Sister Calista Roy Essay

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Sister Callista Roy's Adaptation Theory


This is a paper on Sister Callista Roy’s Adaptation Model (RAM). I will discuss the basis of the theory which is to view the person as an adaptive system. The ability of a person to adapt to internal and external stimuli and the effects of the following three classes of stimuli: focal, contextual and residual. This overview will discuss how the theory defines and describes a person, environment, health, nursing and the goal of nursing. A patient scenario will be provided and the model applied that shows the essence of Sister Callista Roy’s Adaptation Module.

Sister Callista Roy's Adaptation Theory
Sister Callista Roy, a member of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Carondelet, was
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Adaptation for a group includes adequate number of participants to achieve goals, shared productive capacities, adequate physical facilities, and fiscal resources. (Sitzman, 2010). Self-Concept group identity adaptation for an individual occurs when psychic and spiritual integrity promotes a sense of purpose, unity, and meaning in the universe. Adaptation for a group includes group identity maintained through honestly shared relations, goals, and values, coupled with a shared sense of achievement (Sitzman, 2010). Role function adaptation for an individual includes knowing who one is in relation to others and involves the use of various adaptive modes suited to the unique multiple roles expected of each individual. (Sitzman, 2010). Interdependence adaptation for an individual includes the giving and receiving of love, participating in satisfying relationships, and engaging in meaningful communication. Adaptation for a group includes involvement in continually maturing collective relationships and achieving adequate food, shelter, health, and security through interdependence with other group members (Sitzman, 2010).
There are four major concepts

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