Single Sex Education : Pros And Cons Essay

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When living in a generation that is all about changing for the better, what is next; what is the expectation of future education? What can we consider when needing an enhanced form of learning? Same sex classrooms are beneficial for all ages, especially the age range from kindergarten to sixth grade. If we begin to implement this form of schooling in our classrooms, all future generations will prosper in the world of intellect. A large portion of our learning has to do with the environment in which we learn. The most profitable learning environment differs between the two genders. According to the article "Boys and Girls Learn Differently", boys tend to learn better when they have pictures, graphics, and physical movement to help them grasp concepts. Girls often benefit from the opportunity to talk about how to solve a problem and work with others on a solution (Ghezzi). According to the article "Single-Sex Education: Pros and Cons", males in a more lively, interactive setting would produce optimal results. The male brain learns best in brightly lit, voluminous, cooler rooms. On the other hand, females would gain tremendously from the accommodations of lower levels of light, warmer room temperatures, softer tones of voice, and more group discussion ( Someone who disagrees with same sex schooling would argue that students should be able to adapt to different learning environments. Their reasoning is that once the students reach the real world, their…

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