Essay Single Sex Education Are Becoming More Complicated Countries

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Elmoatazbella benomar

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Dec 10, 2014

Single Sex Education

Now in these days single sex education schools are becoming more complicated. Countries

consider single sex education as traditional as well. In addition, Muslim countries conceder

single sex education as religious as well. A lot of people argued that single sex education and

mixed gender. The people who support the idea that we should separate boys and girls according

to the gender say that when separate student that create a feeling of safety for the teacher and the

students when separate them. Other people say that the respect between boys and girls will be

getting better when you separate them, and there will be no distraction in learning. In the

contrast, the people who are not a agreeing with single sex education say that it will be no

freedom between each other. Others say the single sex education cannot improve students’ goal

or learning witch is a good education. Others say, single sex education will make a problem for

their future life because they did not do a communication between each other in the school.

However, I agree with my position that should separate boys and girls in the school because they

will not focus on the teacher as well and also that they will reduce spread the disease and make

teenage pregnancy more likely.

Boys and girls should be separated in the class room. The first reason boys and girls should be

separated in the…

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