Similarities Between Macbeth And Joseph Stalin

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How are Macbeth and Joseph Stalin alike? Both Macbeth and Joseph Stalin can be described similarly in many ways. They can be defined similar based on their constant need for power and domination over others. Both Macbeth and Joseph Stalin are known for doing horrible acts in order to gain power or domination. Nevertheless, even though they have committed some horrible acts they never started off as the evil person everyone portrays them as. In the story called “The Tragedy of Macbeth”, Macbeth was known for doing many evil deeds in order to gain power. These deeds include the tragic murders of Duncan, Banquo, Lady Macduff and her son. In each of these deaths, Macbeth played a big role in how they happened. In the story, Duncan’s death …show more content…
After Joseph Stalin found out his son tried to shoot himself, he complained to his son saying, “He can’t even shoot.” Other than Joseph saying heartless things to his son, he was also one of the main causes of his son ‘death. Apparently, when Joseph’s son was captured by the Germans, Joseph refused to trade for their German general causing his son to die. Other than his son who suffered abuse from Joseph, his wife did suffer as well. In the early 1900s, Stalin and his wife were caught arguing and Joseph was seen throwing cigarettes at her. Later on that evening, his wife was found dead. People’s theories on her death were either suicide or that she was murdered by her husband.

Even though Joseph Stalin has to do disastrous things to innocent people including his family, he wasn’t always known as the evil dictator that everyone knows him as. Like Macbeth, Joseph Stalin also did some good things before he was drunk with power, These things include being a key player in ending World War II, promoted major industrialization for Russia, gave men and women equal rights and more.
In conclusion, both Macbeth and Joseph Stalin are both very alike. They both have the same ambition to do anything for power and control over others. Similar to Macbeth, Joseph killed many innocent people just so that e could keep his

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