Similarities Between German Shepherd And Jack Russell Terrier

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Choosing a Puppy It is the holiday season and time to find that perfect present for the kids. Smartphones, IPODs, clothes, shoes, and money are the easy choices. A choice that requires more thought and research before purchasing would be a puppy. Your son wants a big dog and the girls a little one, which do you choose? All puppies are cute, lovable, bundles of fur but the similarities end there. There are many breeds of puppies and each has significant differences. For example the German shepherd and Jack Russell Terrier are both loyal, intelligent and friendly, however the similarities end there. German Shepherds and Jack Russell Terriers are different in temperament, energy, and upkeep. German Shepherds and Jack Russell Terriers have very different temperaments. All dogs are friendly and devoted but the similarities end there. For instance, German Shepherds are fiercely protective of their loved ones. They possess a quiet, calm manner that serves them well in any situation, which has led to the use of their breed as guide dogs for the blind. When faced with danger or a threat, the aggressive nature of a German shepherd will come to a head. On the other hand, the Jack Russell …show more content…
While puppies are all active and energetic, their energy levels will differ by breed. For instance, the German shepherd is a working dog, use to strenuous activity. German Shepherds are often used as rescue, messenger and police dogs because they are easily trained and very obedient. Daily walks will be required to keep the puppy happy and content. In contrast, the Jack Russell Terrier is a hunting dog and always ready to chase after small animals. Jack Russells are stubborn which makes training more difficult. They like lots of room to run and dirt to dig. All puppies are full of energy though at different levels which should be thought of when deciding on which breed to

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