Similarities Between Education And Education Essay

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As for school experiences, there were similarities between education in the United States but there were also a lot of differences I noticed. The first big difference is what they call each level of schooling. Here we call them grades but in Malawi, they call them standards. Standard one through eight make up primary school, the equivalent of elementary and middle school here. They refer to, what we call pre-school, as necessary school and Pempho explained that when families don’t have money to send their child to necessary school, they just wait for them to turn four and enroll them into standard one. Once you reach standard eight, students are required to take a primary school leaving exam to go onto secondary school, similar to high school. Secondary school is then broken up to two categories, form one and two. Form one is junior secondary school and passing an exit exam is how you move on to the second part. Once you reach form three and four and pass those levels, you receive your Malawi school of education certificate, the equivalent of a high school diploma. Pempho said that after receiving their MSE’s, most people will apply to universities, however until about three years ago, there were only two universities in all of Malawi. She commented on how about 17,000 students apply to each university and only about 5,000 get in. The curriculum was relatively similar to that in the United States, schools teacher English, Chichewa, math, and science and then at the higher…

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