Comparison Of Buddhism, Confucianism, And Greek Platonic Philosophy

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Some Historians will argue that Buddhism, Confucianism, and Greek platonic philosophy are all one-in-the-same, teaches the view of reality, and follow the same guidelines; however, others will argue and say that each one is unique, teaches different views of reality, and follows different guidelines. While each one can be described with their own level of transcendental. Buddhism, Confucianism, and Greek platonic philosophy are a matter of fact quite different from each other. So, with that being said no, Buddhism, Confucianism, and Greek platonic philosophy do not share the same views of reality. Because each offers their own view of enlightenment, respect for elders, and the question and answer method . So yes, they each have their own view of reality. With Buddhism using the middle path method and being a good person and Confucianism’s respectful method and Greek platonic philosophy of questioning. It makes clear evidence of their differences.
The Buddha’s teaching of enlightenment and reality. Siddhartha Gautama traveled for 49 days in seek of enlightenment. On the 49th day he achieved this enlightenment and thus became the “Buddha” or “The Enlightened One”. The Buddha then went and taught others of his way of being able to achieve enlightenment. One of which is called the “Middle Way”, which is a way of avoiding the two extremes. Such as not doing too much or two little of
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What makes Greek Platonic philosophy different from Buddhism? Well besides the main issue that Buddhism is an actual religion, and Greek platonic is only a philosophy. While Buddhism teaches “that humans could escape suffering through enlightenment”. Plato actually did have a philosophy of these two different worlds. The world of reality and then there’s the world of forms. Plato’s philosophy can be broken down to simply this. The world of reality are the imperfect imagines, such as the raw, ugly, and well normal to us. This is the reality we

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