Compare And Contrast Buddhism And Christianity

Register to read the introduction… But for Christianity it is stated that the view of afterlife will depend on it’s an everyone’s deeds, if deeds are good or if someone lives a sinless life then he/she will live an eternal life in heaven but if someone lived a sinful life then he/she will go to hell and receive eternal pain.
The similarities which Buddhism has with Christianity are that they both have Priests, Priestesses monks and nuns. According to, ‘they also have basic rule of behaviour which governs how they are to treat each other’.
Buddhism and Christianity both have religious building in which they worship. The way they worship is also similar they can worship in groups or as an individually. The types of laws or commandments that these two religions use them as guideline for their religious life are also similar. For example, Christians follow Ten (10) commandments and the Buddhists use or follow 5+ precepts dear and use them, ( Both religions believe that their God for Christians and religious teacher for Buddhists was tempted by Devil and also their God/Teacher walked on
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They (Taoism) believe in Tao the founder of Taoism. It is known that they don’t know their god so they called their god Tao, ( For them there is no personal God to lead life they believe there is a universal order with are regulated by natural order.

Whereas for Christians God give laws to follow and also believe in his existences. They believe those who follows his laws are rewarded and those who disobey his laws are punished, (

Furthermore, Taoist does not pray to their god but they try to find answers to their problems that they are facing whereas Christians pray to God for help and protection. According to, ‘Taoist seeks happiness at the present world whereas Christians seeks for happiness after death’. So you can see that Taoism is a religion which bases its doctrines mainly on individual or the nature that is the life we are living today.

They (Taoist) believe that both men and women should have the same rights while Christians believe that man was created first and woman later from man’s ribs so women have low statues then men.

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