Similarities Between Christianity And Buddhism Essay examples

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Like many religions, similarities between Christianity and Buddhism can be found. Both faiths encourage regular devotions, compassion, mindfulness, and self-discipline. In addition, both acknowledge the concept of a spiritual journey. Christ-followers aim to grow in relationship with God and continually go through sanctification while Buddhists aim to reach nirvana. There are also several defining differences. The more interesting of these lie beyond doctrinal contrasts. For example, the types of people that are Buddhists usually range from uneducated lower-class people to upper-class intellectuals. It seems to appeal to all socio-economic groups whereas Christianity usually attracts upper and middle-class members. These types of differences are the ones that I was most interested in looking into when doing my ethnographic work. My observations were done at a Buddhist temple called the Pao Fa Buddhist Temple in Irvine, California on Sunday, October 16th. The time I blocked out for my visit was from 9:00 am-11:30 am. I made observations in an attempt to investigate the role and function of the temple in the Buddhist faith in comparison to Christianity.
The moment I stepped out of my vehicle, the smell of incense filled my nose. I immediately took notice of the beautiful landscaping surrounding the temple. There was a water feature that showcased a large statue surrounded by greenery near the parking lot. I was greeted by several beautifully detailed statues in the…

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