Indian Ocean Trade Routes

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During the 600 C.E. to 1450 C.E., various changes and continuities have occurred both in the Indian Ocean as well as the Silk Roads due to the contacts between Africa, The Middle East and Asia. These routes were not only known for trade and commerce itself, but were also used for the spread of culture, religion, technology and political structures. This has led to the influence of cultural diffusion.
Throughout the beginning of these time periods or 600 C.E., the Indian Ocean and Silk Roads made long distance trade available due to its large networks and convenient passageways it created for merchants all around. The Silk Roads were mainly used to trade and earn money from goods. It was a land and ocean trade route which linked Eurasia and
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and 1450 C.E. took place additionally. Instead of Buddhism and Hinduism, Islam was also one religion that soon rose throughout India with the help of the trade routes. Islamic followers and merchants settled communities all around the Indian Ocean basin, from East Africa to China (Silk Roads). This brought rise to an Islamic culture which was shared by merchants living in the urban centers and towns all over the Indian Ocean coastlines. One other major change was the impact of the Europeans. The Europeans discovery of the Indian Ocean trading networks led to the end of the Silk Roads due to them not needing to trade using it since the Indian Ocean was more convenient and gave them trading opportunities. These opportunities included better goods and new ideas being available. The Europeans dominated the Indian Ocean and used it for their own benefits. For example, they had bought hundreds of slaves for plantation fields and used them to gain economic profits. New explorers such as Zheng He also had large impacts on the changes of the Indian Ocean and Silk Roads. During his expedition, he spread the use of technology, numbers and letters. Zheng He spread Islam throughout his voyages and came bearing gifts to each country. This impacted the relationships between both sides and brought cultural

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