Essay about Significance Of The Olympic Games

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According to Miller, athletics, specifically the Olympic Games, played a fundamental role in ancient Greek society in many aspects. Not only did it affect history, art, literature and the law, Miller further asserts the effect of the Olympic Games is still applicable in modern society (2004:226)
As a result of the Olympic victor’s list, which included the names of all the winners in various events of the Games, the chronological framework of the Olympic register was created. Each city-state in Greece kept its own records, enabling scholars to write history by placing events in the correct sequences. Miller states that, although the register was important for reckoning time within the Greek world, it seems insignificant compared to the great importance that it held for relating Greek events to those of other cultures. Facts such as the death of Socrates and the years between that of Jesus Christ are primarily known because of the register of ancient Olympic victors (2004: 226-227) ART
In addition to history, the Olympic Games also played an important part in the evolution of art. It became custom to set up victory statues at the Olympia, which promoted the development of artistic portrayal, specifically the portrayal of the human body. It is apparent that these documented statues acted as motive for sculptors to carve male bodies in the nude. As a result of the Olympic Games, in which men had to compete…

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