Essay on Sicko: Medicine and Insurance Companies

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Kristen Johnson
April 21, 2009

1. There were two stories in the film that resonated with me the most. First, the story about how insurance companies search for small things in people’s insurance applications so they can have a reason to deny the policy or increase rates, no matter how much the money is needed. The story about Julie Pierce and her husband Traci was really a heartbreaking story. Even though they had health insurance, they denied medication and care that he needed. Although he found a perfect match for a bone marrow transplant it didn’t really matter because the insurance company denied the procedure and as a result he died from not being able to get the proper treatment. This story is really disappointing
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The people in the countries featured in the film believe that universal health care is great, but in the US some people may want this but not all. In other countries featured, doctors focus on helping the people but in the US it just seems as if most of them are thinking about getting paid.

3. According to the film, some major problems in the United States’ health care system are the power given to insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, Congress, and the quality of care given by doctors to patients. When it comes to the issue of these problems being fixed many Americans may agree that they should be addressed and fixed immediately but it’s like we mention them one day and the next we’re focusing on something else. The system hasn’t been fixed because health insurance companies deny patients based on stipulations they have set up because they look for ways to not have to pay for patients’ care, pharmaceutical companies focus on charging what they want for medicine and some members of congress and some doctors are focused on earnings rather than focusing on the people. The bulk of Americans that are not insured are the poorer citizens and if the health care system will focus on everyone’s problems then maybe we can see an improvement in the healthcare

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