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Title: Linkage between organisational goals and training.
Assignment topic:
You are required to identify a specific Human Resource Management issue in your organisation and develop a proposal that includes the following * Background information on issue, * An explanation of what you think needs improvement and why the change is required; and * Benefits you plan to achieve.
Your analysis should be linked to the Human Resource Management literature and include the citation of relevant references throughout that help to validate your proposal.
Word count: 2230 words
Executive summary
Training and development underpins successful achievement of organisational goals and objectives. This paper will analyse training and
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(OD Mid-Term Report 2008).
In contrast, the OD review released in 2009 has echoed the earlier reports of the HRTF that the level of success of training and development has not given staff the tools to be efficient and effective, and staff lack confidence in the organisation due to concerns about salaries, training, benefits, conditions, and about being cared for and respected. (OD Mid-Term Report 2008). Training was highlighted as a major area of need as sited in the MTP, to ensure all staff had the knowledge, skills and attitude to perform their current duties and responsibilities successfully, and are prepared for future challenges and opportunities. (UNRWA’s Medium-Term Plan 2004).
3. What needs improvement?
The previous section discussed the background to the training deficiencies within UNRWA, this section will discuss what can be improved. A successful training regime is based around a solid training needs assessment.
A number of HRM initiatives are inter-dependent upon creating a robust and sustainable training programme ‘including, for example, broad-banding, promotion and succession planning’. (OD Mid-Term Report 2008, p.). To ensure success of the training needs assessment, agency wide consultation and research is essential. A training needs assessment will solidify the most appropriate training required and its relation to employer needs, current skills, and organisational goals. A training needs

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