Should We Help Get Rid Of Domestic Violence? Essay

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There are many groups out there that want to help get rid of domestic violence. Some of these groups are: domestic abuse protection, counseling, and advocacy organizations, medical providers, public health agencies, employers, schools (if children are affected), and university faculty and research staff. If a victim feels they need to get help to get out of an abusive relationship all of these groups can provide the help they need. Victims can be provided services that include: domestic violence hotlines, temporary housing, information and referrals to other social services, safety planning, victim advocacy, and referrals to legal services.
There are many ways out there that are being taught to help deal with domestic violence. Some police participate in awareness campaigns and school programming to help educate others. The most effective of these campaigns is the offender-oriented ones. They are designed to raise potential offenders’ perceptions that there will be meaningful consequences to domestic violence batterers.
Other methods used to protect victims or deter offenders are: an increased police surveillance of the victims’ homes, greater coordination with other parts of the criminal justice system, pendant alarms for at-risk victims, video cameras placed in high-risk victims’ homes, cocoon watch over victims, target hardening of victims’ vulnerable properties, police watch over offenders, and police opposition to bail. These have all been proven to be very effective…

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