Difference Between Economic Justice And Deontology

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Economic Justice is something that is crucial to the way society works today. Therefore it can be evaluated by deontology. This is because each citizen has a duty to economic justice, a right to earn money in order to provide, and consequences for not contributing or not providing. Deontology works best when evaluating economic justice because it focuses on the right and duties, as well as, the consequences.
Deontology pertains because economic justice is about citizen’s right to be involved in unlimited work beyond just the economic part. It allows each citizen to also work on the things that engage the mind and spirit. For instance, a construction worker may have a construction job, but also coach basketball and work as a church leader.
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Citizens have a duty to participate in the economy to create input by working and paying taxes. This allows a citizen to have the right to contribute to one’s economy and one’s own stuff. However, this does not mean special treatment for anyone supposedly. Yet, famous rich people are more likely to get house arrest if they have done something wrong compared to the poor people who are more likely to be sent to prison for committing a crime. This seems like an advantage to the rich and disadvantage to the poor. As a consequence, our prisons are filled with the poor people. This is because money does give special treatment in our society. It allows for better things and more advantages than not having money. Therefore, someone who does not have money will work all their life and still have an unlikely fortune of moving up or being privileged. It is also a citizen’s right to distributive justice, commonly known as output. What this means is that each person gets what they give through hard work. It is the government’s duty to maintain social justice with our economic system, making sure that everything is fair. However, it is hard to do when the United State economy is in debt and cannot help the poor without taking from the …show more content…
However, there is heavy consequences of having the current economic system that we have. One of these consequence are the lack of Economic Justice for all citizens. Many people cannot find work or choose not to work, failing at their duty and contribution to our economic system. Others cannot improve their lives or do anything other than work to provide for their family. Many cannot even provide. Therefore, I recommend making our economic system more just and virtuous by creating places, free of charge, for homeless or lower class people to help them meet with advisors to help find them jobs. This would actually give people references to finding jobs and would help them feel more comfortable doing so with guidance. This would be a much more virtuous way of handling poverty and our economic justice. I also recommend establishing a minimum salary that every citizen has to at least make each year. This will help make sure that everyone is economically stable instead of having people without any money and people with all the money. This is much more virtuous because it protects the people from living on the streets. It is our duty to care and help others as much as we can. Therefore, creating an organization that will walk citizens through job processes and ensuring they can find a job, as well as, providing a minimum salary for everyone would help make our economy system more

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