Should Vote Receive Fair Treatment During Elections? Essay

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Do third parties receive fair treatment during elections? How much coverage do they receive compared to major parties? Many states do not include third party presidential candidates in their ballots. Most of the focus by the media is on the stances of the main political parties. There have been many arguments suggesting that the third parties deserve an equivalent amount of recognition by media as major parties. However, others believe that since third parties have no clear chance of winning a major election, it is understandable why major news organizations do not give as much spotlight to third parties. Some may even argue that voting for third parties is a waste of a vote.
A major premise for third parties is that they can bring up issues that are not being recognized by the main political parties. The major political parties tend to focus on the far left or far right issues, which leads to the people in the middle feeling ignored. Third parties have proven to be impactful in previous elections. The main political parties tend to gravitate towards ideas from third party candidates to gain their support during the presidential election. Although third party candidates may never win an election, they serve as a messenger for the minority parties in the United States.
Many have argued towards the unfairness towards third parties in general elections. The imbalance of justice for third parties ranges from hardly any media coverage to not being…

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