Should There Be A Duty To Rescue Essay

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Should there be a Duty to Rescue?
"Duty to rescue is a concept of tort law and refers to the duty of a person to rescue another who is in a dangerous situation. " The question of duty is usually pretty simple, we owe a duty of care to the people our actions affect. But the topic seems to be very touchy, where a law is unable to be passed in several states.There are many actions that deserve being rescued, and some actions are just not in our hand. For example, if someone is drowning, you might not know how to swim, therefore you would not be able to come to the rescue. What you are able to do is call help since it immediately comes to your attention. Being a human many feelings come along when encompassing certain things. It is your duty to help those that are around you,because you may be in need of help one day, and there might be no one there for you. It is only right to help those who are in need if you have the ability to physically help, or call for help, as long as it does not harm you in any
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Being in a society where strangers feel inspired to risk their own lives to help someone else 's action seems quite appealing. There is a limit when it comes to the law when morality is influenced as well as a basic human tendency. Not everyone has the intrinsic obligation when it comes to helping someone else. All situations have different backgrounds, but anyone with the ability to give and help without harming or risking themselves in any serious way should help. There should not be a huge punishment there is not a certain law that will apply to all cases. Anyone who helps will do it out of moralities, there are also many others that would help but may not have the courage to do so. Any hep provided will always be great, but if you are unable to that it okay as well. Emergency services are always available, you can always call the police instead of actually being involved in getting closer to the

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