Should The Energy Make Up Of The United States? Essay

2715 Words Dec 11th, 2016 11 Pages
The energy make-up of the United States should be moving toward a more sustainable energy producer and innovator, the path to get Besides is not direct, but it can be reached if there is wholesale support. Our nation is among the top polluting, industrialized societies on the planet and has a unique opportunity to lead the world in clean energy innovation and deployment, the most efficient way to lead is by example so why not be that a leading example. Moving forward the United States should be scaling down the use of some fossil fuels such as coal and start to use cleaner-burning natural gas as a stopgap fuel to exploit while we are scaling up the technology required the produce and deploy grid-scale renewable energy production. I would like to see substantial government subsidies that allow residential solar programs to expand at a feverish pace to help offset fossil fuel use and begin a serious drawback, on aging plants. By progressing towards a micro-grid system from the large commercially operated system, we could reduce the need for large-scale infrastructure projects to connect the removal facilities brought online. This coal is not that unrealistic when considering that 2008 Australia only had a few thousand who 's with solar systems and as of 2015. There were 1.4 million homes that have PV systems on the roof of that number 182,000 systems were installed in 2014 (Chandler, 2015). By using Australia as an example of how we can implement solar panels on a large scale,…

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