Should The Drinking Age Remain At 21 Years Of Age Or Be Lowered?

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Government Essay – Should the drinking age remain at 21 years of age or be lowered?

How come 18 years old can die fighting for their country, but can’t legally drink until age 21?
The legal age of consumption, possession and purchase of alcohol in the U.S today is 21 years of age. It was set by law back in 1984, signed by President Reagan after over 2 years of intensive and extensive discussions. (It was also in this time period that groups like Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) were founded.) In short, the age limit was set to 21 years of age to prevent a drunk-driving epidemic that was happening in the 1970-80’s (among of many reasons). (Fact found from’s article about the history and debate about the age limit on alcohol, see resource page.)
I believe that the age limit it is set at a suitable age, as it is appropriately high. I have listed the three main reasons of my belief:
• Alcohol has numerous negative effects on the brain, especially in the teen years where the brain is under remodeling.
• Alcohol must be kept away from high schools and other places where young teens and other underage are daily, both for their own and others safety.
• Intoxication from alcohol is named the cause for many teen pregnancies. Pregnan-cy can both interfere with the mothers plans for eventual education, but also gives the baby bad start in life as some teen mothers aren’t ready for the responsibility.
Each of my reasons will be further explained, proven…

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