Essay on Should The Death Penalty Be Banned?

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Should The Death Penalty Be Banned?
The death penalty has been a topic of debate for many years in the United States. Both sides of the argument have brought up countless reasons to be for or against each one causing it to be a grey area for most. Some bring up the morality of putting someone to death and the emotions behind the case, while few others bring in the cold, hard facts, ignoring philosophical standpoints and favoring a factual one such as cost to the taxpayers, effect on other criminals, and deterrent rates of crimes. Either way, this topic is not without controversy. Based upon facts and moral standpoints the death penalty should be outlawed.
First off, it simply isn’t practical to have it as a form of punishment when one looks at its cost. Comparing it to life in prison, the death penalty can cost two to five times more total. That’s racking up thousands in appeals, legal work, and other procedures that the taxpayers just don’t have the resources for. For example, in Nevada it was reported that it costs half a million dollars more “than a case in which the death penalty is not sought”. Not only that, but it was also recorded that public defense attorneys spent an average of 2,298 hours on a case that faced capital punishment whereas they only spent an average of 1,087 hours on a non-capital murder case (Costs of the Death Penalty). Why spend so much time and money on a criminal who already hurt society when it is cheaper and faster to put them in jail for life?…

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