Should The Death Penalty Be Banned From The United States? Essay

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To forcefully end someone’s life is the most heinous thing a person can do. That is, according to many, unless they deserve it. Murder is wrong, and those who commit murder are bad. So through some logic, the government sees fit that murdering murderer’s is ok. To them, two wrongs make a right. Through some analysis, it can be found that this logic is flawed. The government should not have the right to kill its own citizens. The death penalty is an inefficient, unreasonable, and immoral policy. It should be banned from the United States. The following is the list of legal reasons for getting sentenced with the death penalty. It includes murder, robbery, resisting arrest, abuse of a miner, arson, kidnapping, rape, aircraft hijacking, and treason (Zeisel and Gallup 291). This is a large and wide-ranging list of offenses. Some of which, while wrong, should in no way be considered a cause to be sentenced to capital punishment. Whether many of these reasons end up being used to put someone on death row or not is not the point. The fact alone that it can be used is the scary part. The government is authorized to kill someone should they be found guilty of committing any of these offenses. One of the most dangerous crimes that can get you put to death is treason. If you against the government they can kill you. That gives the government way too much power. A vast majority of governments in the world see the death penalty as the archaic and immoral policy that it…

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