How Have Capital Punishment Changed Over Time

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Over time, punishment has changed, and society’s views have as well. Capital punishment has been a largely debatable subject over the past decades, but the government still chooses to keep this punishment. Although the death penalty should be viewed as a good way to keep murderers behind bars, this punishment can send an innocent person to death row for a crime they did not commit, and in cases, there are problems of people being subjective, such as having discrimination.
Capital punishment is a place for justice. People say this punishment is for those who have created barbaric crimes. Murderers taking lives like frogs catching flies. Serial killers are known to be extremely intelligent, they enjoy killing, and will try to outsmart the authorities.
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If someone is to commit murder people will want to see the person be punished, and most will favor and push for the death penalty. Society tries to eliminate crime and seek justice by having capital punishment, but these factors lead to wrong decision making. Once people notice the gravity of a situation they become subjective and it can cause the authorities to wrongfully accuse an innocent person of a crime. For example, if multiple children are murdered, the parents and the communities will seek authorities to find the person responsible, which they should, but it can cause the authorities to hastily accuse one of being the “cold-blooded killer.” There was a case where this happened, “the legend of Cropsey became disturbingly real with the psychopath Rand, who used to be a physical therapist at Willowbrook. From his various secret lairs, he would maneuver and plan his kidnappings and murders, such as that of Jennifer Schweiger, Holly Hughes, and Tiahese Jackson” (Elshamy). This statement from the article states what the people thought of supposed kidnapper and murderer Andre Rand. Rand was supposedly seen with one of the missing girls, this and with his record placed him number one suspect. The community placed all the blame on Rand, which is …show more content…
With convicting people, there is the fact that authorities’ job is to find the criminal. This seems to be equal to having the need to blame someone for the situation. If a bystander appears to be near the crime scene and has a record as well as a specific race, he or she would, unfortunately, have the fault. People believe this is very common today, although there is no certainty that this is the case. Society thinks the worst of a person when given the opportunity, we are known to become subjective, which is normal although it leads to a false verdict. This way of thinking not only involves automatic, negative judgment, but can be an oblivious conclusion. In some cases, a person can testify against someone and say they are responsible for a murder, this gives the accuser a witness.
Capital punishment is a subject that has its faults and Edward Koch states, “If government functioned only when the possibility of error didn’t exist, government wouldn’t function at all” (Koch 2). This is a reason why capital punishment is still in question after all these decades. Even if the death penalty gives the choice to place killers on death row for committing their crimes person, they can be discriminated, and wrongfully placed behind bars. The death penalty gives justice, but if a life is taken, it cannot be brought back. This punishment has too many flaws to

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