Essay On Abolishing The Death Penalty

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The Death Penalty Should be Abolished Immediately
In the United States 31 out of the 50 states still have the death penalty. This portrays how many states still support the inhumane form of punishment, other known as capital punishment. Those in favor of the death penalty argue that people who commit gruesome crimes deserve to be executed for them. However, others believe that it is a cruel, inhumane punishment that doesn’t obey the Consition. The death penalty is intolerable and should be abolished everywhere in the United States because of its botched executions, high costs, innocent people being executed, and religious beliefs being broken.
Unfortunately vicious botched executions happen frequently. Lethal injection is administered for capital punishment. This drug is what is most commonly used to execute people that have been sentenced to the death penalty. However, there are often some complications that arise with using lethal injection. "Suddenly he opened his mouth," Kiefer says. "His mouth sort of made this funny round shape, and you could see this expulsion of air, and we all jumped.” "I started putting little hash
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There are a ton of advertisements that encourage us Americans to help the starving children. There are about 13 million children that are unable to consistently access food. Abolishing the death penalty would potentially help our Nation’s debt so we can focus on the more effective ways to help our country such as helping the starving children. Do your part by not being in favor of the death penalty.
During the death penalty process there is a 15 to 20 year appeal process. Although this appeal process is excessively long, it can not be eliminated because that would result in more innocent people being executed. Also people on death row need more security because they are potentially more dangerous. On top of that the maintenance costs go up because of the number of years they are on death

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